Hey friend! If you're here, you're approaching quite possibly your FIRST major milestone in life - SENIOR YEAR! I've been there (surprisingly!) and I get it! So much to look forward to, so many memories still to have. 
So why not make your Senior Photos ONE of those amazing EXPERIENCES?!


bright & beautiful, natural photos that reflect YOU!

The real, natural, beautiful YOU! Whether you opt for professional makeup or do your own, buy new clothes or borrow your best friend's sundress, you'll look AMAZING!

Your images will look and feel like you


As soon as you say, "Yes, BOOK ME!" I'll be working with you (and mama) every step of the way. We'll get coffee or ice cream and talk about all the things! Hopes, dreams, nerves, whatever! By the time we shoot, we'll be old pals!

we'll build your custom session - together


I know, photos can be awkward. That's why I will do all the hard work! I'll pose you the entire session, tell you where to look, what do with your hands and even make dumb jokes so you crack that GORGEOUS smile. And within the first 10 minutes, you'll be so relaxed you won't believe how many photos we've already taken! 

we'll have fun, and it will show


“I loved working with Rebecca because she was so kind and fun! The whole time I was giggling and smiling. Every time I was around Rebecca it was like being with a friend, I was always so comfortable. Rebecca made me feel pretty and was able to capture my bubbly personality through my senior photos. Id' recommend the program to everyone! It's such a fun way to meet new friends and celebrate being a senior! I'm so thankful for Rebecca and that I got to be part of it."

"she made me feel pretty, she captured my bubbly personality"

Rebecca exceeded all expectations and sets the bar high for other photographers in Lincoln. Not only is she a phenomenal photographer who makes cheesy jokes, but she is the whole package when it comes to posing, helping pick outfits, great locations, beautiful pictures, and just letting you be yourself in the best way possible. Rebecca is so easy to work with. She invests so much time and effort into making everything as perfect as it can be, which shows in the quality of her work.

"Rebecca exceeded all expectations and sets the bar high"

 I have loved being one of Rebecca’s Spokesmodels! As a Spokesmodel, we got to be a part of something fun and exciting but didn’t take time out of any of our other activities. She makes you comfortable and relaxed, she helps you pose in a way that you feel kinda silly but you look good.

My favorite is how Rebecca isn’t just your photographer she’s your friend.

"Rebecca isn’t just your photographer, she’s your friend."

"Rebecca is simply amazing! She communicates so well, takes the most gorgeous pictures and really captures beauty and love in her photography!"

"Rebecca is just perfect. Simple no pressure. Beautiful shots! She’s so talented!"

"She's great with time and she's an awesome planner!"

"She was so helpful recommending colors and great ideas to help create stunning images with perfect lighting!"




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