A natural, bright and airy Senior and Wedding Photographer in Nebraska - and a GEEK about all things planning - so let's get started! 

Rebecca, here.

I have an amazing & supportive husband. A sweet new babe, Jemma Mae. A handsome, soccer-lovin' stepson. A beautiful + kind stepdaughter. And two very large, very gentle, Great Danes, Hank + Willie. Without the love of these people (& pets) along with all of my clients and friends, and most importantly, the Grace of God, I couldn't do any of this. None of it would be possible. I am truly blessed to be just a small part of what has become a very large dream. 

CHRIST-FOLLOWER. WIFEY FOR LIFEY. mama to one on earth + one in heaven
step + DOg mama too!

PHOTOGRAPHER, planner & CHAOS Coordinator

My goal is to create bright and beautiful, natural, joy-filled images that reflect the real life YOU. I will help you and yours look and feel their absolute best in a relaxed and fun environment. You just need to smile, have fun and most importantly, BE YOU!

You've been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl. You've got a secret (or not-so-secret) Pinterest page full of all the beautiful things you're planning.

Your photographer spends nearly the ENTIRE day with you. It's so important that you not only LOVE their photos and style, but that you love and trust them, too. 

With over 10 years of Event Planning experience and 6 years of Photography experience, the WEDDING DAY is my JAM, girl!

Here's how I roll. 
1. Fill out the WEDDING INQUIRY below and I'll send over my info.
2. Let's get coffee or cocktails! I want to know YOU and you to know me before you commit!
3. SLEEP ON IT. It's almost as big of decision as picking that lucky guy! 
4. When you're ready, let me know! There are SO many amazing options. Either way, YOUR DAY will be the BEST. DAY. EVER.

eek! congrats! this is the most exciting time in your life.

and i am honored you're considering me! i'm here for you 100% friend

yes! you got this girl.

so, let's be friends!

still with me?

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YES! I still shoot families. Families are the heart and soul of my business. They are what got me to where I am today. They are the clients who keep coming back, who's kiddos I know by name, who feel like Family. 

Yes, I know. 98% of Dads think they're not fun. Too much work. The kids will misbehave. The weather is too hot/cold. Etc. etc. 

I'll do all the hard work. I'll even help you plan outfits! Heck, I'll come to your house and raid your closet for you, girl. YOU GOT THIS. 
And when its all said and done, Dad will walk away saying, "That wasn't that bad."

you're in the right place.

capturing those beautiful babes in professional images is something you will never regret. 

and i am honored you're considering me! i'm here for you 100% friend

sigh. but my husband doesn't want to.

my promise:


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"Rebecca did an amazing job for our wedding. She went above and beyond with everything she did! I couldn't have found anyone as awesome...I would recommend her to anyone! Can't wait to have her capture more memories for us!"
- Ashely & Evan

"Rebecca exceeded all expectations and sets the bar high for other photographers in Lincoln. Not only is she a phenomenal photographer, she is the whole package when it comes to posing, helping pick outfits, great locations, beautiful pictures, and just letting you be yourself in the best way possible. Rebecca is so easy to work with. She invests so much time and effort into making everything as perfect as it can be, which shows in the quality of her work.
- Corinne, Class of 2020

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